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The way you write your listing in our directory will have a big affect on how successful your listing is.

A well formatted link from us will positively affect:

How to correctly format your listing:

It is important to state the main products and services that you are trying to sell as your main keywords. Generally speaking, your company name is not a keyword. If someone already knows your company name, they are already a potential customer, and do not need to be targeted. If your business is based in a particular location and only serving that location, your location is a very important keyword.

Try to write a short five or six word sentence that describes the products and services that you offer as your listing title. If possible you should include your location in the title.

This is the chance to write a bit more about your business. This is the place you should include your company name, so that customers know who they are clicking on. If you cover several geographical locations or business sectors, use this space to write about them. Our site allows several hundred characters to be written in your website description, and you should use them all. This is the part that determines if a customer will click on your site or on that of a competitor.

The keywords are used during a keyword search on this site. List as many keywords as you can. The more the better. Just the words themselves. Not sentences. Include again all of your main keywords, include all the areas you cover geographically as well. Keywords do not appear in your main listing.

Listing examples:

This listing will look like:
Wadgets Limited Catering

As you can see the listing does not describe the business and encourage new customers to click on the link, and there is no way to tell which areas the company covers.

This listing will look like:
Merseyside commercial kitchen supplies and installation By Wadgets Limited. Supplying restaurants, cafes, pubs etc in Liverpool, Merseyside and North West England with all your commercial kitchen catering equipment and installation needs. We supply all major brands and can custom build and install your business kitchen.

This listing fully describes what this business does and where. The anchor text in the link (the clickable words) contain the main keywords which makes this link very search engine friendly and will help with Google ranking too.